To conclude our RE topic on Visitors: Advent we decided to hold a collective worship to discuss the true meaning of Christmas. We began by gathering to ‘Love Shone Down’ and thought about the lyrics and their meaning. We then listened to the Nativity story from both Luke and Matthew’s Gospel and built up the Nativity scene as we discussed each character. We talked about the significance of Jesus’ birth and how the angels wanted peace on Earth. We shared some thoughtful responses noting that “we all receive presents but Mary’s present was the greatest present of all because she gave birth to the saviour of our world.” We then created some Christmas prayers to ask for peace and happiness throughout the world. Finally we decided to sing ‘Here I am to Worship’ to show God that we are here and eager to praise him. When we evaluated this collective worship we “really enjoyed holding hands and listening to the story because it was very peaceful and that’s how the angels wanted us to be”.