At St Aloysius we are committed to providing a safe environment for all member of our community.  The School Council decided to tackle the problem of bad and illegal parking with a poster campaign – ‘Is this clear enough?’  They received support from the local neighbourhood police team, who came and temporarily closed the road outside school so the children could have their photo taken.  The campaign poster was posted to the school Facebook page and it was positively received by many people.  We were even contacted by the Shields Gazette who ran a story on the parking issues that many schools face, not just ours.

The post on Facebook received 330 likes, 453 shares and 58 positive comments.


This year we have signed up to the Walk once a Week campaign through living streets, where the children received badges for walking at least 4 times during the month.

Download (PDF, 61KB)

Download (PDF, 177KB)

Each term we complete a Hands Up Travel survey and the children inform us how they got to school then the choose how they would prefer to travel to school.  We also take part in the Big Pedal and bikeability initiatives, which encourage children to come on their bikes to school.