On 13th February we were the first school in the Northumbria force area to have NPAS32 land on our field.  The whole school, and Year 1 & 2 from neighbouring St Oswalds, came out to watch PC Welch and his police dogs, DP’s Kenny, Q and Kim.  Kenny used his nose to sniff out Pc Welch’s ‘missing wallet’; Q, the puppy, said hello to all of the children and was very excited to meet them all; and Kim, the drug and money sniffer dog, enjoyed fetching the tennis ball from the children.

Soon after that the Northumbria Air Support helicopter (NPAS32) roared in the skies above Hebburn, circling the school a few times before expertly settling on our school field.  What an experience – the children absolutely loved it!

Year 2, 3 and 4 stayed out for the rest of the morning, talking to the Neighbourhood police team about the work they do in our local community; they went to the police vans and met the 3 police dogs; there was a lot of time spent using the sirens; and finally they talked to the pilots from the helicopter about how they help the police on the ground in a variety of situations.

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A huge thank you to all involved from Northumbria Police force, you have given our children an experience they will not forget.  Special mention to DC Woods for the part he played in organising this event.

During lunchtime the helicopter returned to base at Newcastle Airport.

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