We introduced a series of Maths Cafes during the academic year 2017-18.  These are a chance for parents to come in and chat with the staff, who will give them an overview of the maths curriculum that their child is being taught.  They will get to see how maths is taught in school, and how maths can be fun!  The children then join their parents to tackle maths problems and play games.

These are the slide shows that have been delivered to the parents:

Title File Name Caption Date
Reception Maths Cafe Slideshow maths-cafe-2018.docx-1.pdf January 26, 2018
Year 1 Maths Cafe Slideshow Year-1-Maths-Cafe.pdf July 19, 2018
Year 2 Maths Cafe Slideshow YR-2-Maths-Cafe.pdf July 19, 2018
Year 3 Maths Cafe Slideshow Year-3-Maths-Cafe.pdf July 19, 2018
Year 4 Maths Cafe Slideshow Year-4-MATHS-CAFE.pdf July 19, 2018
Year 5 Maths Cafe Slideshow Year-5-maths-cafe.pdf July 19, 2018
Year 6 Maths Cafe Slideshow Year-6-maths-cafe-slide-show.pdf July 19, 2018

These will be continuing into 2018-19; please look out for your invitation.