Below you will see the English areas of study.

Title File Name Caption Date
PWP Reception English Overview PWP_-Reception-English-Overview.pdf December 21, 2017
PWP Y1 English Overview PWP_-Year-One-English-Overview.pdf December 30, 2017
PWP Y2 English Overview PWP_-Year-Two-English-Overview.pdf December 30, 2017
PWP Y3 English Overview PWP_-Year-Three-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018
PWP Y4 English Overview PWP_-Year-Four-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018
PWP Y5 English Overview PWP_-Year-Five-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018
PWP Y6 English Overview PWP_-Year-Six-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018

In KS1 we use Letters and Sounds phonic scheme and the Oxford Reading tree scheme for reading.