Yesterday we celebrated the achievement of all our children this year.  As part of the morning we handed out awards to 7 children from each class.  These awards were for:

  • Annual Headteacher Award (x3)
  • English Award for great reading
  • English Award for great writing
  • Maths Award
  • Sport Award

These are the winners of these awards

We also have annual awards given to Year 6 pupils this year.  These are for

  • Outstanding Contribution to St Aloysius – Lucy
  • The Gavin Watson Award for never giving up – Amy
  • The Lindsay Bradley Award for Handwriting – Grace
  • Footballer of the year – Rachel
  • Music Award – Joy
  • Thomas O’Hagan Sport Award – Aaron & Olivia.

Well done to all of our award winners and everyone in school who works hard and tries their best.

Click here for a link to all the award winners and the reasons why they won