From September 2014 the school has adopted and taught programmes of study set out by the National Curriculum 2014.

Click here to find our Maths outline.

Click here to find the Maths termly overview

Below you will see the Maths termly overviews for Year 1 to 6:

Title File Name Caption Date
Y1 Mastery Term by Term Overview Year-1-Mastery-Term-by-Term-Overview-06.05.16.pdf September 18, 2016
Y2 Mastery Term by Term Overview Year-2-Mastery-Term-by-Term-Overview-07.04.16.pdf September 18, 2016
Y3 Mastery Term by Term Overview Year-3-Mastery-Term-by-Term-Overview-07.04.16.pdf September 18, 2016
Y4 Mastery Term by Term Overview Year-4-Mastery-Term-by-Term-Overview-07.04.16.pdf September 18, 2016
Y5 Mastery Term by Term Overview Year-5-Mastery-Term-by-Term-Overview-07.04.16.pdf September 18, 2016
Y6 Mastery Term by Term Overview Year-6-Mastery-Term-by-Term-Overview-07.04.16.pdf September 18, 2016

Below you will see the English areas of study.

Title File Name Caption Date
PWP Reception English Overview PWP_-Reception-English-Overview.pdf December 21, 2017
PWP Y1 English Overview PWP_-Year-One-English-Overview.pdf December 30, 2017
PWP Y2 English Overview PWP_-Year-Two-English-Overview.pdf December 30, 2017
PWP Y3 English Overview PWP_-Year-Three-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018
PWP Y4 English Overview PWP_-Year-Four-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018
PWP Y5 English Overview PWP_-Year-Five-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018
PWP Y6 English Overview PWP_-Year-Six-English-Overview.pdf January 23, 2018

In KS1 we use Letters and Sounds phonic scheme and the Oxford Reading tree scheme for reading.

For all other subjects we teach  (Art and Design, Design Technology, Computing (formerly known as Information Technology, Music, History, Geography and Physical Education), please find yearly plans below.

Title File Name Caption Date
Reception Topic Timeline Reception-Topic-Timeline.pdf October 4, 2017
Y1 Topic Timeline Y1-Topic-Timeline-.pdf October 4, 2017
Y2 Topic Timeline Y2-Topic-Timeline-2016-2017.pdf October 4, 2017
Y3 Topic Timeline Y3-Topic-Timeline-2017-18.pdf October 4, 2017
Y4 Topic Timeline Y4-Topic-Timeline-2016-2017.pdf October 4, 2017
Y5 Topic Timeline Y5-Topic-Timeline-2016-2017.pdf October 4, 2017
Y6 Topic Timeline Y6-Topic-Timeline-2016-2017.pdf October 4, 2017