In Year Three we have been thinking carefully about the affect our words can have and how we can make others feel special by being kind. We listened to the chosen reading which taught us to always show love and compassion to one another. We then began to discuss how this would look in a modern society. The children shared some extremely thoughtful ideas. We then moved onto discussing the effect our words can have on an individual. As a visual example of the implications of hurtful comments, we looked at an apple. We discussed how an apple might look healthy on the outside but that we cannot see what lies under the surface. Miss Carabine then demonstrated how mean comments can make someone feel really hurt, by repeatedly dropping the apple to the ground emphasising each time that each drop represents a hurtful or mean comment. Eventually the apple broke apart and we discussed how this resembles a person’s feelings. The apple also turned brown inside whilst still maintaining its normal outer colour and we then discussed how someone may look perfectly normal on the outside but be hurting on the inside. In response to this we each thought about one positive attribute that we admire about our partners and recorded this on a heart. We then shared these and discussed how happy you feel when someone uses their words to make you feel special. We decided that this week we would all make a huge effort to make others feel special and discussed practical ways we could do this.