Every term the whole school takes part in a themed art week, where each year group produce work in different forms but under a general theme.  This is on top the the art lessons which children undertake as part of their weekly curriculum.

Recent Art Projects

All classes from Nursery to year 6 celebrated, discussed and produced artwork around the theme of the ‘Year of Mary’ which can be found on the Hexham and Newcastle diocese website  http://www.edurcdhn.org.uk/school/yomary/yearofmary.php

We looked at the 12 virtues of Mary. Each class focused on a different one.

Music Festival

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two both participated in Music Festival’s this year.  They had to practise different songs with Mr Richardson which were then performed at Customs House Music Festival with other schools.  The theme of the Key Stage One Music Festival was ‘A MUSICAL METAMORPHOSIS’ and the children enjoyed dressing up as lots of different characters.  They enjoyed being bees, fruit sellers, a tree trunk, a leaf and a branch!  The behaviour and performance from the children was impeccable and they made our school very proud.


Dance Festival

KS1 and KS2 both participated in a ‘Dance Festival’ at Customs House.  They had to work extremely hard to learn the different dance routines and they were absolutely fantastic!

KS1 performed to ‘Better When I’m Dancing’.

KS2 performed to The Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll.